Seton Blended Learning


Seton Partners

Seton Education Partners is a New York-based non-profit education consultancy, which has teamed with eight urban Catholic schools in the United States to bring blended learning technology and instruction into the classroom. Mrs. Kasey Webb serves as New Orleans Manager for Seton's Blended Learning Initiative at St. Rita School.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a classroom instruction model that blends:

  •   direct instruction from a teacher
  •  collaborative learning among students and
  •  individualized learning on computers or laptops.

Notre Dame Seminary


Notre Dame Seminary

A neighboring Graduate School of Theology, Notre Dame Seminary has prepared men for ministerial priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church since 1923. Its formation seeks to integrate Intellectual, Spiritual, Apostolic, and Human elements in the men, drawing them closer in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Apostolate Work

Each seminarian serves in an Apostolate -- a work outside of the seminary grounds. The 3rd Theology class of Notre Dame Seminary makes its Apostolate with St. Rita Parish, with nineteen men serving as class chaplains in our school.