Seeking to educate the whole person, St. Rita School keeps students focused on higher values.

Faith - Knowledge - Service

Our values begin with the trio of Faith, Knowledge, and Service. After prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements, our scholars conclude each Morning Assembly by reciting: "We seek faith. We gain knowledge. We give service."

Integrity - Perseverance - Unity - Responsibility

St. Rita School's partnership with the Seton Education Partners is not contained just to an increase of technology in the classroom. It has helped articulate values we desire our scholars to embrace. Each classroom displays four colored signs, with one, all-capitalized word: Integrity, Perseverance, Unity, Responsibility. Each month of the school year is dedicated to one of these values.

  • Integrity – We do the right thing (even when it’s hard).
  • Perseverance – We never give up.
  • Unity – We work together.
  • Responsibility – We own our actions.